Candy Raisins Reincarnated

candy_raisins2It was the weirdest thing. Just the other week, during a morning run, I found myself craving Candy Raisins, the beloved Milwaukee regional treat that disappeared from my life when Necco closed its Milwaukee plant in 2008. Back then, I joined the fight to “save” the Candy Raisins and signed an online petition led by a particularly passionate fan from West Allis.

Although more than 7,000 signatures were ultimately collected, sadly, the efforts proved fruitless. And so in the final days, I stock piled those caramel-colored gumdrops (which, by the way, taste nothing like raisins) as if preparing for the Apocalypse. But eventually, even my stores ran dry. And thus Candy Raisins lovers worldwide mourned the loss. My favorite childhood treat lost forever (RIP picture below from

And nearly four years later, as I ran on a dark, winter morning, I could still feel their notable absence in my life.

But then later that same day, I came across a friend’s Facebook post linked to a CNN article titled “15 of America’s Favorite Regional Sweets.” And Wisconsin’s favorite sweet? You got it—Candy Raisins. My friend asked innocently, what are Candy Raisins?

With a deep sigh, I opened the article. It was just one more painful reminder that my beloved Candy Raisins were gone forever. Their taste on my lips slowly fading from my memory over time.

I wasn’t prepared for what I read next. It was as if receiving the news that my long-lost pet had been cloned into a genetically identical being. I blinked in disbelief. But there it was. According to the CNN article, food scientists at Milwaukee-based Osmanium Candy Company had used what was believed to be the last remaining bags of Candy Raisins to reverse-engineer a new version called Candy Sunshine. Despite many challenges, the candy makers were motivated by a sense of civic duty to bring Candy Raisins back to Milwaukee. After a two year process, Candy Sunshine will finally debut next month. And according to the new Candy Sunshine Web site, “10 out of 10 Candy Raisins lovers agree, Candy Sunshine is spot on.” And you can’t argue with results like those.candy-sunshine2

According to the CNN article, Candy Sunshine will be available at several Milwaukee-area stores such as Candyman Snack Shop, Fleet Farm and Beans & Barley. They’ll also be available for purchase online at ($5 for a pack of three bags). You can pre-order yours today!

Candy Raisins have been reincarnated. There is a God.

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  1. jan peterson (kuyken)

    I thought that i was alone in loving and looking forward to finding candy raisin’s in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. Every two years when I returned to Wisconsin for my Peterson family reunion, I visited Ashley
    s Confectionery faithfully picking up my $1.00 bag of raisins eating them all. In 2008 I was heart broken to find out that they were no longer being made. The other day when I once again left New York and returned for a visit to see my home town Cedarburg, my friend saw the magical sign outside of Ashley’s saying that the Candy Raisin’s were back. We slammed on the brakes, ran in—heart brake! No raisins! they were sold out. Shirley the clerk had a waiting list of people she needed to call when they returned. She carefully said that the second recipe for raisin’s was better. So I eagerly await the raisins in brooklyn, New York.

  2. Randall Broughton

    Okay okay why do you wild people always criticize. It is reincarnated the person
    Who made these, are just like us, craving something that was good but can’t have it anymore. I applaud this company for trying. they never said anything about it tastes just like it, I will continue to buy them until I start craving thease. there is nothing like the original, but it is a start and it might get better and of course its from good ole milwaukee.

  3. Jan Olstein

    I just checked Facebook and found there is a new version from this company, V150 that released a few weeks ago. They are the best yet, holy cow they have come a long way, very close to the candy raisins I remember.

  4. Jenny

    Just bought some at Woodmans in Waukesha. Not sure what version they were, but they still sucked. A honey flavored dot is not a knock off, or even a half way decent tribute to a candy raisin. YUCK!

  5. eric

    Has anyone heard anything about either the recipe being sold or anything further about “Golden Raisins LLC”? I had heard a few rumors about both of the above happening sometime last year but haven’t heard any updates. I’m still holding out hope that we will once again see Candy Raisins, but I’m not holding my breath. The newest version of Candy Sunshine is closer to the original, but its still not the same.

  6. Jay napier

    Bought 2 bags today the don’t even come close to the original I remember in my childhood and adult years missed them. Found what they say are them today and NOT EVEN CLOSE I gave one bag away and came home to open our bag and try taste like bad cough drops we threw the rest of the bag out small bag and they are not cheap…. so disappointed this is NOT the original recipe nothing like the original
    don’t waste your time looking for them you will not be happy!

    So sad

  7. Jay napier

    Bought 2 bags today gave one to a friend sorry I did, came home we opened the other bag and YUCK they are terrible not even close! Not cheap for these little bags and they are terrible would not buy again and the bag we opened we tossed taste like yucky cough drops.

    So disappointed

    Now someone bring back the original please

  8. Jessica

    As of 4/11/14 “Candy Raisin” is in the process of being trademarked, so that is a wonderful sign:)

  9. Joe

    Please know that Candy Sunshine is NOT the original. The original recipe has been brought back and can be found at

  10. unknown

    My Dad said ” these are not the originals” nice try..

  11. Jess

    The original Candy Raisins can be bought on Amazon….

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