DIY Cyclocross Barriers

One of the things I’ve been most nervous about with getting into cyclocross is getting over barriers. They’re intimidating, and my anxiousness is probably also a result of watching this video one too many times. After my first official cyclocross practice, I thought it might be nice to have my own set of barriers—because clearly I need as much practice as possible getting over these things.

I thought surely there must be a way to make a set of barriers myself, so I researched on the web and found a great tutorial for making a set of barriers from PVC pipe. All you need is PVC pipe and connectors (approximately $20 worth of supplies), a tape measure, marker, and a hacksaw. My dad helped me with the project while we were at my family’s cabin over Labor Day weekend. It was extremely easy. In less than 15 minutes, I had my very own set of standard regulation height barriers. I didn’t use glue, so the barriers are easy to take apart and transport. Then, it was time to practice.

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