UW Slow Food Cafe Lunch – 10/17

This week’s Slow Food Cafe Lunch featured Malaysian dishes imagined by a SFUW intern who loves sharing her culture through recipes from home (she’s been in the U.S. attending UW-Madison since 2011). My lunch picks included spiced baked chicken with cabbage and white rice, cooked vegetables with spicy peanut dressing, clear beef soup, and baked pumpkin custard. Delicious! I especially enjoyed the spicy peanut dressing and the rice. Also caught up with my friend Liz, a post-doc in the Entomology department, who I met at a cafe lunch last semester.

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  1. UW Slow Food Cafe – 11/7 | madcity girl

    […] Everything was great. My only request is that the Cafe make recipes available—either online, through e-mail, or distributed at the following week’s Cafe—so cafe-goers can recreate all of the tasty dishes at home. There’s so many past dishes I reminisce about often and wish I had the recipe for (for example, I yearn for the spicy peanut dressing from the 10/17 cafe). […]

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