Cupcakes for Dinner!

I rushed home from a cross race in Milwaukee on Saturday to attend Iron Cupcake Madison’s 9th challenge event. The challenge theme was “Cupcakes for Dinner!” There were far fewer bakers than theĀ  event we attended last spring (apparently several dropped out at the last minute). But even so, eight cupcakes is better than none!

Going in, I was curious how the bakers would interpret the challenge. I imagined mac-n-cheese and lasagna cupcakes. Although there were a few savory cupcakes, most were still your standard sweet cupcake piled high with sugary icing. I loved the impressive displays and creative ideas.

In the end, the best taste award went to Kristi Takasaki for her “breakfast for dinner” french toast cupcake with maple buttercream and candied bacon. The best display award went to Giovanna Dimperio for her “burgers and brew cupcake,” a stout cupcake topped with a mini burger made from vanilla wafers and chocolate ganache.

It’s hard not to get wrapped up in the excitement and imagine how you’d interpret the challenge differently. Which is exactly why Julie and I are seriously considering a baking debut at the next Iron Cupcake Madison event. The date and challenge details are yet to be announced, but we’re staying tuned. Baking 200+ themed mini-cupcakes, creating an accompanying table display and marketing our creation would be an interesting challenge for sure.

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