Slow Food UW Cafe – 11/7

I always enjoy coming down the steps to the Slow Food UW Cafe and breathing in the wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen. This week I chose the Risotto with Rabbit Sausage and Acorn Squash along with the Sweet Potato Gnocchi Pesto Soup, and of course, a Parsnip Cupcake for dessert. Ingredients for the menu were sourced from Don’s Produce, Xong Xiong, Diaz Produce, Hook’s Cheese, Green Barn Farm Market, Link’s Greenhouse and Farm, Luna Circle Farm, Harmony Valley Farm, Gourmet Delight, and Nesity Farm.

Everything was great. My only request is that the Cafe make recipes available—either online, through e-mail, or distributed at the following week’s Cafe—so cafe-goers can recreate all of the tasty dishes at home. There’s so many past dishes I reminisce about often and wish I had the recipe for (for example, I yearn for the spicy peanut dressing from the 10/17 cafe).

I don’t mean to complain, though. The students involved with the cafe (and Slow Food UW in general), and what they’ve created, are truly extraordinary. They nail it every time. Week after week. All while still balancing the typical demands of a college student—classes, studying, jobs, social lives, etc. I’m always so impressed. But recipes would be much appreciated :)

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