Iron Chef Supper Club: Heritage

When my friend Brodie greeted us at the door wearing a flannel button-down shirt and a freshly grown beard, I realized he was not only hosting November’s Iron Chef Dinner, he was also dressing the part.

Friday night marked our latest Iron Chef Dinner, themed “Supper Club.” There’s eight of us who participate in the monthly dinner series, and all of us grew up in Wisconsin. We’re each intimately familiar with the concept of a Wisconsin Supper Club—the wood paneled walls, taxidermy art, relish tray, Schlitz on tap, and all-you-can-eat Friday night fish-fry. I fondly remember my brother and I ordering “kiddy cocktails” at supper clubs from a very young age.

Iron Chef Supper Club was one of my all-time favorites. Dinner included Old Fashioneds, Schlitz beer, a relish tray, Booyah, wedge salad, Wisconsin beer cheese soup, fried cheese curds, prime rib, fried fish balls, chocolate mousse, and kneecaps (a puff pastry with whipped cream). We ate like kings and enjoyed the meal in courses so as to fully appreciate and savor each dish.

More than once, we raised our glasses in the air and toasted to our heritage: the Wisconsin Supper Club. This month’s theme was about more than just food—it was about our roots, our childhoods, our families, and our beloved state.

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  1. Laura

    What a great idea! I have developed a new appreciation of supper clubs as I’ve gotten older, and Jason and I have great memories of supper clubbing with our families as little kids. I enjoyed my fair share of kiddy cocktails, too :)

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