Iron Chef Dinner: Cereal

Although the “blizzard of 2012” slightly delayed December’s Iron Chef dinner, somehow we were able to pull off a rescheduled event just before the new year. Cereal was the theme ingredient for the evening’s meal. The dishes were varied, and quite interesting. By my count, there were at least nine different cereals represented in the meal.

From left to right, top to bottom: oatmeal sausage, fruit loop shot (apparently all the rage with the college students), Malt-O-Meal Empanadas, fruit loops, cheesy potatoes with cornflakes, crepes (made with ground golden grahams) with prosciutto and brie, chooclate scotcheroos with Rice Krispies, cornflake marshmallow chocolate chip cookies, Fruity Pebbles bars, meatloaf muffins with Grape-Nuts, Asian Snack Mix with Nori (with Special K cereal), and Julie using all of her strength to try to get the scotcheroos out of the pan – no easy feat.

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  1. Julie

    Thank you for including my near sweat fest in the collage.

  2. Miranda

    Oh yet another awesome Ironchef report!!! Love it! Jules, you would make sweating look good!

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