Iron Chef Beets Recap

Since September 2009, a group of friends and I have been gathering monthly for a dinner series we simply refer to as “Iron Chef.” Each month we pick an ingredient and everyone (there are eight of us) brings a dish that incorporates that ingredient. Over the years, we’ve covered more than 40 ingredients and themes including Maple Syrup, Crock Pot, Aphrodisiacs, Pumpkin, Tacos, Mardi Gras, Tailgating, Macadamia Nuts and Wisconsin Supper Club. The dinner series is a great way to ensure that we all see each other at least once a month, and it’s also a chance to enjoy great food and challenge ourselves to step out of our culinary comfort zones.

This month’s theme ingredient was beets. I thought it was rather appropriate with Valentine’s Day around the corner and all. It was the first time Larry and I hosted at our place. It was a challenge finding the space in our apartment, but we made it work. We had fun incorporating the theme into the party decor and preparations, including Ball jars filled with hydrangeas in beet-dyed water, and a beet-themed  musical playlist for the evening. We realized it’s funny how you can listen to a song like “The Beat Goes On” or “Turn the Beat Around,” and suddenly the lyrics take on a whole new meaning when  you’re sitting in front of a plate full of beets.

One of the things I loved most about this dinner was the vibrant color palette and the creativity of the dishes. The dinner included everything from Beet and Beet Green Gratin to Beet Ice Cream and Chocolate Beet Cake. It was the ultimate beet fest, and wonderfully heavy on desserts. Next up? Parsnips.

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