Team Unicorn Apocalypse

April 2013 083Last weekend I participated in a five-person relay team for the MadCity 50k. My friend Krista recruited Pat, Shayla, Melissa and me as teammates after realizing she no longer wanted to run the race solo. Krista and I both ran the race solo last March, but found ourselves in different places this year—Krista, burnt out on training and racing long distances, and me, recovering from a string of running injuries.

Though I was initially disappointed I wouldn’t be able to run the race solo again, being part of a relay with friends seemed like a great option, too. Krista named our team “Unicorn Apocalypse,” obviously a force to be reckoned with. Each of us would run a 10k loop around Lake Wingra, and then pass off the gold baton and ankle timing chip to the next runner. Our combined ages (163) put us in a category with other teams aged 151-175 year old.April 2013 082

Saturday was a brisk, but sunny morning. Shayla kicked things off with a strong first leg, then Krista, Mel (and her friend Megan) and me, then Pat brought it home with a speedy anchor leg. One of my favorite parts of the race was when Pat came running through the home stretch with the gold baton held up to his forehead—clearly a nod to Team Unicorn Apocalypse. It was a great morning of running with good friends. We even ended up 4th in our age division. Not bad.

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  1. Krista

    YAY! What a fun (and COLD) morning. So glad we got to have *some* part in the 50K. :)

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