Make Music Madison

June 2013 219Last Friday marked the first “Make Music Madison,” a free, city-wide celebration of music inspired by the Fête de la Musique in Paris. Since La Fête began in the early 80’s, more than 500 cities in 110 countries have joined in to host similar music festivals on the same day  each year—June 21, the Summer Solstice—now dubbed World Music Day.  The goal is to bring people out on the streets all day to enjoy local music—all genres, professionals and amateurs—in more than 100 public venues ranging from backyard treehouses to libraries to Metro Transit bus-transfer points.

There were more than 300 performances throughout the day. Sadly, Friday’s rainy weather wasn’t ideal for music in the streets, but that didn’t seem to put much of a damper on the spirit of local music lovers. I caught one of my favorite local bands—VO5 on Friday night. The band transformed a street in our neighborhood into a disco kingdom with bright lights, fun music, sequined musicians, and a whole lot of dancing. Who knew I’d spend my Friday night as a dancing queen?

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