Father-Daughter Weekend Up North

Last week my dad and I spent a long-overdue weekend together—just the two of us—at my parent’s cabin in northern Wisconsin. It all started around Christmastime. My dad is not an easy person to shop for, so when I found out that he wanted nothing more than to spend a weekend at the lake with me, it seemed like the perfect idea. The last time I can remember spending extended one-on-one time with just my dad was when we traveled to Colorado my senior year of high school to visit colleges. I remember really connecting during that trip and I have an especially fond memory of my dad telling me about the moment he realized my mom was “the one.”

Our weekend at the lake was equally special. My dad put a lot of thought into choosing activities we could enjoy together—a fish fry at Al-Gen, antique shopping, an ice cream outing, and several outdoor activities like biking, running, and kayaking. We kept very busy and had great conversation. My dad said it perfectly when he described how we had the chance to reflect on life, family memories and dreams for the future. It’s a weekend I’ll always treasure.

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