Fourteenth Annual Giro de Six Lakes

July 2013 001Yesterday I participated in the Fourteenth Annual Giro de Six Lakes, a brisk-paced group ride from Madison to Poynette and back, that takes place each Fourth of July. The group included more than 50 Madison cyclists. I’d never done the ride before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had a great time—the ride was challenging and fun, and had a great Fourth of July twist.

I find that my effort varies drastically when riding in huge peloton—one minute I’m floating along in a cloud benefiting from the draft, and the next moment I’m barely holding on and my legs and lungs are on fire. It was the perfect ride for Ironman training—a great endurance effort with several built in intervals. And thankfully, whenever I did come close to falling off the group, one of the riders from Brazen Dropouts helped pace me back to the front.

My favorite part of the ride was when the ride organizer loaded up on candy at our gas station rest stop in Poynette and distributed bags to all of the riders. Then, on our way back to Madison, we rode through Token Creek, where the entire community was parked on blankets along the street waiting for the Fourth of July Parade to begin in another hour. We rolled through and tossed candy to the kids. The announcer cried, and here come our annual bike riders! July 2013 002

July 2013 005

July 2013 007

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