Slow Food UW Cafe Lunch – 10/2

DSC00606Today’s Slow Food Cafe menu featured great seasonal sandwiches and sides. I opted for the toasted eggplant & swiss sandwich with caramelized onions and pepper relish; the black bean salad with cilantro, cherry tomatoes and cucumber; and the gazpacho with chili garlic oil and basil. Oh yes, and dessert: basil-lemon meringues. Dessert was probably my favorite part this week. The meringues were sticky and difficult to remove from the plate, but they had wonderful texture and flavor. Luckily, I grabbed one from the first batch; later batches looked disappointingly flat. I’d love to try making these myself. DSC00608

In other Slow Food news, there is a new table in the dining room that is designated for “people eating alone.” It features a flashy sign that alerts everyone that you. are. eating. alone. I’m sure intentions are good: to connect lone diners with other lone diners, but I don’t necessarily like the idea of singling out people with a big, flashy sign. I’ve eaten by myself several times at Slow Food Cafe, and have never had a problem finding a place at one of the many tables and striking up a conversation with another pair or group of diners.  Luckily, I met a friend for lunch today, but who knows, maybe next week I’ll be at the “people eating alone” table hoping to find a friend. Or what if I don’t want to sit there?

I’m curious what others think of the concept.

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