Slow Food UW Cafe Lunch – 10/9

DSC00629I was very excited to spot today’s Slow Food Cafe “cuban-ish” menu complete with carnitas, refried beans, Spanish rice, and sweet potato chipotle soup. I was especially looking forward to the horchata, a milky drink I fell in love with during a recent trip to Spain. My favorite part of the meal was the pork carnitas smothered in queso sauce. The horchata, although different from the kind I’ve tried made with tigernuts, was tasty and velvety smooth. My only complaint is that it was served semi-warm; over ice would have made a big difference. I tried a friend’s soup, and it was too spicy for my tastes, but the flavor was nice. The roasted winter squash carnitas looked great and the garlic-cilantro “secret sauce” sounded especially heavenly. It was my favorite menu of the semester thus far, and other than the temperature of the horchata, it didn’t disappoint. DSC00630

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