Slow Food UW Cafe Lunch – 12/11

Everyone gets excited about a food project when Underground Food Collective is involved and this week’s Slow Food UW Cafe was no exception. Jonny Hunter from UFC was in the kitchen to manage this week’s food prep, and students from Slow Food UW assisted. I’m sure the students were more than happy to let Jonny take the lead, as most are probably frantically preparing for finals next week. I love that Jonny helps at the Cafe once or twice a year (usually at the end of the semester) to lend his talent to the organization and mentor students who are eager to pursue a similar career path.

The menu was simple: savory sauerkraut pancakes with crispy pork and a cranberry and yogurt relish for $6. There was also a vegetarian option available (the same dish but without pork) at the same price point.

When I walked in to the dining room at 11:30, it was smoky and chaotic—they seemed to be a little behind in setting up. Food delivery was also a little rocky. Instead of calling out names and delivering plates like usual, there was a different system where diners lined up to grab a finished plate off a staging table. It created crowds around the kitchen doors, and confusion among diners who are familiar with a different system. Luckily, the kitchen eventually realized it wasn’t going too smoothly and reverted back to the oldĀ  system.

Once I got my lunch, the smokiness and chaotic feeling in the dining room quickly faded away. Going in, I wasn’t expecting much. Sauerkraut pancakes didn’t sound particularly appealing to me. But it was hands down the best meal at Slow Food UW Cafe all semester. And there have been some great meals this year! The smokiness now imbedded in my hair and clothing is nothing. I will dream about this meal for a long time.

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