Spice Storage Solution

May 2013 323I’m completely obsessive compulsive when it comes to grain and spice storage and organization. I like consistency and clear, glass containers so I can easily see what is inside (and how much is left of a particular ingredient). I finally found exactly what I was looking for a few years ago when Deb Perelman from Smitten Kitchen shared her spice storage solution – how to make an overly obsessive spice rack.

I bought a few sets of the same 4.5 ounce airtight glass spice jars and set to work transforming my own storage system. I didn’t use labels on the front of the spice jars – it seemed like overkill to me, and I was worried the labels wouldn’t lay flat on the curves of the small bottles. Just in case, I put a very small post it note with the name of the spice on the bottom of each bottle. It’s become a fun game to guess which spice I need, and then confirm it’s the right one by checking the bottom of the bottle. It’s definitely helped me learn my spices. The jars are easy to re-fill and clean, they look great, and I think the organized system makes cooking more efficient. Similarly, I store a lot of grains and seeds in large mason jars. The labels are helpful, specially for grains that I find difficult to differentiate from one another—like farro and wheat berries, for example.May 2013 503

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