Slow Food UW Cafe Lunch – 1/30

DSC01520Last week marked the beginning of spring semester at UW-Madison. And yesterday, Slow Food UW kicked things off with a Cafe lunch devoted to banh mi, the Vietnamese sandwich that has swept the nation as one of the most popular culinary trends in recent years. I ordered the vegetarian banh mi, served open-face with hard-boiled eggs, radishes, carrots and spicy mayo. I also ordered one of the sides—the beet, apple, and squash root medley, as well as dessert—chai carrot cake with salted whipped cream. All for $7.50.

With so many toppings on a crunchy baguette, served open-face, my friend Pat and I both remarked that the banh mi was rather difficult to eat. After several failed attempts, I settled on scooping off the sandwich topping to eat with a fork, which made it easier to then eat the baguette sans toppings. The Vietnamese meatball banh mi looked delicious, and gave me a bit of food envy—but with three large meatballs, it seemed like more than I could handle for lunch. I really enjoyed the beet and apple salad, particularly the flavors from blue cheese and what tasted like tomato paste. Normally I dislike the taste of blue cheese, but in this salad, it really worked for me. The dessert was a wonderful way to cap off the meal—the cake was light and fluffy with a noticeable but subtle chai flavor, and the salted whipped cream on top made me lick my lips with satisfaction.DSC01522


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