Slow Food UW Cafe Lunch – 2/19

DSC01807Today’s Slow Food UW Cafe lunch menu featured two kinds of stromboli (pulled pork with gouda and apple, and a vegetarian version with squash, roasted garlic and pepper jack cheese). Other menu options included a polenta patty with red beans, rhubarb coleslaw, creamy almond soup, and profiteroles (cream puffs) with matcha (green tea powder) cream filling for dessert. This week, there were also parchment-wrapped granola bars available for $1.

I chose the pulled pork stromboli and the polenta patty with red beans. The stromboli was delicious—the outer dough tasted fresh and featured a shiny egg-washed sheen. The pulled pork, gouda and apple were a tasty combination. The red beans on the polenta patty had an overly-smoky flavor, which didn’t pair especially well with the stromboli (think: Italian with Mexican/Creole). While the rhubarb coleslaw made for a better pairing with the stromboli, my friend remarked that it was a little bitter tasting. I didn’t try the almond soup, but the dessert—cream puffs with matcha (green tea powder) cream filling—were excellent and reminded me of the time I made almond green tea cupcakes and searched high and low for matcha powder. I also bought one of the granola bars for the road. It was good, but overly sweet—more of a sugar coma inducing granola bar than a fuel for the afternoon kind of granola bar. But then again, sometimes I need a little sugar to get through the afternoon.




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