Iron Chef Pineapple (GF)

Last night the Iron Chef crew gathered (minus two participants) for Iron Chef Pineapple (gluten-free). I’ll admit I wasn’t thrilled with the GF distinction at first—it seemed overly restrictive and diet-specific. But in the end I realized the dishes I picked are ones I would have chosen even without the GF requirement. And, hell, there could be worse things than limiting our gluten intake for one meal. There was a lot of variety in dishes—-everything from pineapple, curry and raisin rice to steak and pineapple kebabs. Larry and I brought carnitas with roasted pineapple salsa and a simple dessert—almond and cashew paste layered between pineapple slices, topped with a bit of raspberry jam. It was a great meal—and I could almost fool myself into believing I was in Hawaii for the night.

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