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DSC02364“Pickled/Fermented” was the theme of our most recent Iron Chef Dinner. Interestingly, the one thing we all seemed to observe is that most people outside our dinner group turned up their noses when they heard the month’s theme. But I was excited. It was an interesting challenge.

To make the theme less intimidating, we decided it wasn’t necessary to do the fermenting or pickling yourself—you could simply use fermented or pickled items in your dish. That being said, everyone was certainly welcome to take it to the next level. And some did.

As I considered options for possible dishes, I stumbled across an article about fermentation in an old issue of Saveur Magazine. The article described how “practically every culture harnesses the natural process of fermentation to preserve and enhance the flavor of certain foods. In fact, fermentation is responsible for some of our most basic staples, like coffee, vanilla, chocolate and some teas.” Also, soy sauce, kimchi, cultured butter, miso, apple cider vinegar, table olives—the list goes on and on. I had no idea.

So really, the possibilities for our dinner were endless. We had quite an interesting spread—everything from pickled shrimp to tempeh tacos and German chocolate sauerkraut cake. It was all delicious.

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