Slow Food UW Cafe Lunch – 10/1

DSC04897Today’s Slow Food UW Cafe lunch menu was full of strong fall flavors like apples, cinnamon, cider, maple syrup and butternut squash. I had trouble narrowing it down, so I ended up ordering more than usual (and more than I really needed). I picked the cheddar and apple sandwich with mustard greens and house-made maple mustard on rye sourdough, the fall minestrone with butternut squash, the cinnamon applesauce and the chai apple cookie.

When I first bit into my sandwich, it was extremely bready. Something wasn’t right. When I looked around at the sandwiches my friends were eating, I realized that my sandwich was missing half the toppings—it had the apples and cheddar, but not the caramelized onions, mustard greens and house-made maple mustard. I reported the problem to the kitchen, and they seemed well aware that they had mistakenly delivered some number of half-made sandwiches. The students were great and quickly brought out a new sandwich, which tasted much better. DSC04895

The fall minestrone with butternut squash had excellent flavor and was packed with white beans, carrots, squash, and kale. The cinnamon applesauce tasted wonderfully homemade. I was too stuffed to enjoy the chai aple cookie, but took it to go to enjoy later in the afternoon.

One thing I’ve noticed so far at the cafe this semester is that there are no longer napkins available. I completely get it if they’re trying to cut back waste—that’s a good thing, but it also seems like something that needs to be communicated to diners—through e-mail, signage at the cafe, etc. BYON. Some of the food is quite greasy, like this week’s sandwiches, and it’s awkward when you don’t have anywhere to wipe your greasy hands afterward. I’m going to have to get in the habit of bringing my own napkin, but something tells me it’s going to be easy to forget!

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