Slow Food UW Cafe Lunch – 10/8

DSC04933Today’s Slow Food UW Cafe lunch highlighted the three sister’s crops—corn, beans and squash. Three sister’s gardening is a Native American technique that allows the plants to flourish and provides nutrients for a well balanced diet. From the menu offerings, I chose the three sister’s sandwich (with sage, kabocha squash, white beans and spinach served on polenta sourdough). I also enjoyed the wild rice salad with ground cherries, kale and toasted squash seeds, as well as the fry bread with raspberry-cranberry compote and whipped cream for dessert.

The sandwich was good. I loved the bread (so fresh and chewy). The squash and spinach were prominent, but I couldn’t detect much of the sage or white beans. I spotted a thin layer of white beans on once slice of bread, but it wasn’t contributing much. It seemed like the sandwich needed a little something more (cheese? a substantial, flavorful spread?) to pull it all together. Like I said, it was good, but I also think the sandwich had potential for more. The wild rice salad was interesting and tasty—I especially liked the addition of toasted squash seeds, which provided great texture variation and crunch. The dessert was my favorite part of the meal. I’ve probably had fry bread at some point in my life, but never with raspberry-cranberry compote and whipped cream! It was a unique and delicious way to end the meal.



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