Slow Food UW Cafe Lunch – 10/29

DSC05088This week’s cafe menu focused on patty melts and fall flavors. I chose the lentil patty melt (with pepperjack, mozzarella and arugula served on house-made wheat sourdough), along with the “scrumptious” leek and butternut squash soup and a pumpkin cinnamon roll with cream cheese frosting for dessert.

The sandwich was good—the bread was extremely fresh and fluffy, and although the lentil patty fell apart easily, it was meaty and a substantial sandwich overall. I was less impressed by the leek and butternut squash—it was a bit watery and lacked flavor. My favorite part was the crispy sage leaves on top. The pumpkin cinnamon roll was as wonderful as it sounds—a small, soft and delicious pumpkin-flavored pillow with a thin layer of cream cheese frosting on top. Not too sweet, just right. My dining mates were disappointed that the mushroom frittata was served cool, but they had great things to say about the butternut-feta dip served with the vegetable crudités.

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