Slow Food UW Chilly Chili 5k

DSC05160Last night I participated in Slow Food UW’s Chilly Chili Run. It was a fundraising event for Slow Food UW—an organization I’m always more than happy to support. I was excited to be part of the inaugural event, especially because it combined two of my favorite things—running and chili.

My friend Claire also signed up, and together we toed the start line for the 5k. There were probably less than 30 participants, so it was easily one of the smallest races I’ve ever done. Claire and I both liked the laid back vibe of the race—the planning team didn’t over-think things or make it too serious. Just the lakeshore path, a stop watch, a fun t-shirt and a great post-race meal. The route followed the lakeshore path from North Charter to the start of picnic point and back. It was dark by the time the race started shortly after 5 p.m. I chuckled when one of the race organizers admitted that they hadn’t factored in daylight saving time back in the initial planning stages of the event. Most of the racers didn’t have lights, but Claire and I were prepared—Claire, with her heavy duty blinking/glowing vest and me, with my trusty head lamp. I’m sure we could be seen a mile away! Claire set a great pace—we were working hard, but still able to carry on a conversation. About 27 minutes later, we crossed the finish line.

Shortly after our finish, we met up with our friends Aronne and Kate, who walked the route, and together, we all headed to the Crossing, where dinner was eventually served. The chili had great flavor (though the beans were slightly undercooked), but the best part of the meal was the cornbread, which was wonderfully moist and delicious. The organizers invited everyone back for seconds, and we happily obliged.



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