Slow Food UW Cafe Lunch – 11/12

DSC05199Today’s Slow Food UW Cafe lunch menu focused on comfort foods. I can think of no better menu theme during a week that has seen temperatures in Madison plummet from 50 to the mid-20’s (not to mention this afternoon’s snow flurries). We all need as much comfort as we can get right now. Thankfully, there was plenty of it on the menu—sloppy joe’s, mac-n-cheese, homefries, soup and cake.

I chose the lentil sloppy joe with cabbage slaw on light wheat sourdough, the mac and cheese, and the sweet potato cake with maple frosting ($8.50). I had an especially hard time choosing between the sides—which were mac and cheese, and salt and vinegar homefries. In the end, I’m glad I opted for the mac and cheese. It was made with RP’s pasta, had wonderful flavor and bread crumb topping, and included small pieces of roasted squash (and maybe parsnips?). I tried my friend’s salt and vinegar homefries—and we agreed that they just seemed to be missing the mark on the “vinegar” side of things. I thought the sandwich was okay—the bread was fresh and airy, but the rest of it wasn’t doing much for me—though admittedly, I’m not a big sloppy joe fan. It almost tasted a little too vinegar-y—perhaps from the slaw. The cake was good, but not great. The ends were a little stale or overcooked—otherwise, the cake had nice flavor and just the right amount of maple frosting.

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