Sunday Snack Ride

Before the snow came and covered most of the state, there was one last perfect, unseasonably warm fall Sunday. With the day wide open, a 9-month old to entertain and empty bellies, we hit the road on our bikes with the Burley in tow in search of adventure and good food. We called it our “Sunday Snack Ride,” a 3-hour bike tour of Madison during which we pedaled around sampling food from various food establishments. There was a cheesy-cauliflower soup from Lakeside St. Coffee House, a Spanish chorizo from the Underground Butcher, the ridiculously good Ham and Jam sandwich from Crema Cafe, and various sweet treats from Batch Bakery, including an intensely flavorful and delicious gingerbread muffin. Eventually the sun set on our perfect Sunday, but we returned home with full bellies and a sense of accomplishment of having taken full advantage of the last hurrah of fall.

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